WM2 Butler Exhibition Digital Invite 300dpi

Will Butler and Merle Butler

An exhi­bi­tion of select­ed works by father and daugh­ter: Will But­ler and Mer­le Butler.

An exhibition of selected works by father and daughter: Will Butler and Merle Butler. Both artists have an interest in delaying the transient moment. Whilst their practice is different there are moments in their work where their paths cross.

About the artists:

Will Butler’s art embraces the found. His mission is to render value to the discarded and forgotten. He repurposes materials that have reached the end of their working life. Stuff abandoned or thrown out, picked up along the way, stuff that caught the eye and struck a chord. With this material he delves into the idea of chance and choice, selecting and arranging to explore relationships between disparate elements and as a springboard to further express ideas that engage him.

Merle Butler’s artwork is a collection of observational studies, exploring the beauty and transience in how light allows us to perceive a moment. Her drawings carry a certain obsession, scrutiny and hyper-focus that often crosses over to abstraction. Employing ferric acid and copper plates, she creates lightweight ephemeral lines that feel humanely imperfect and natural. Combining this practice with a personal archive of found objects she establishes multimedia compositions and installations that embody the mercurial nature of remembering.