Night Walking lo res

What I See

An exhi­bi­tion of paint­ings by Jayne Farleigh

28/09/21 – 13/10/21
Opening Times
Sunday, 10:00 – 16:00
Mon–Sat, 10:00 – 17:00
** Opening view: Tuesday 28 September, 6 – 8 pm **

In her figurative and landscape paintings Jayne creates mood and atmosphere by interpreting the effects of and shadows cast by sunlight and artificial light. Using photography as both a sketchbook and a platform to produce her paintings, she reflects on the everyday life of the present day and of her childhood, and wonders how things might change for the generations to come. Jayne is interested in the contained energy of figures, particularly children, and the sense of them moving or propelling forward.

"It is important for me that I don't just put everything I see into a painting. I also put everything that I feel. When I paint, I am looking for something that I consider ordinary, that I take for granted every day. There are moments when this ordinary is at its most wonderful. That is what I would like people to see."

Jayne is a self-taught artist, inspired by her everyday experiences as an artist and mother. Following a career in retail and window dressing, she returned to painting with renewed determination and in recent years her work has been selected for exhibitions by the Society of Women Artists and the ING Discerning Eye.
Night Walking lo res
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