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Two Pairs of Eyes

Two Pairs of Eyes: An art exhi­bi­tion of Emo­tion, Explo­ration, and Expression.

In the heart of Bristol, two artists converge in a shared journey of introspection and identity, offering a visual treat that promises to be both enlightening and evocative. Martina Glastonbury and Joanna Napiorkowska, though differing in their styles and subjects, unite in their exploration of the human experience. Their exhibition, "Two Pairs of Eyes", is an invitation to delve deep into their personal landscapes and share in their search for meaning and self-awareness.

Born in the picturesque city of Stockholm, Martina Glastonbury draws inspiration from the diverse landscapes she has called home, from the rugged beauty of Dartmoor to the serene shores of Gower and the icy allure of Sweden. Her landscapes are not mere geographical representations but psychological tapestries that weave her emotions, memories, and narratives. The choice of her palette, with its deeply personal hues, is a testament to her intimate relationship with every scene she paints. Further, Glastonbury's life models breathe with an undeniable vitality, while her abstract creations dance with an energy that seems almost sentient.

In stark contrast but with equal profundity, Joanna Napiorkowska of Warsaw embarks on a different kind of journey. With a foundation in psychology, her approach to art is intrinsically analytical. Napiorkowska's self-portraits are windows into her soul, each capturing a different facet of her identity. Her expertise spans a range of mediums - from painting and drawing to sculpture and photography. Through her work, the human face emerges not just as a physical feature but as a canvas for emotions, experiences, and the intricate complexities of the human psyche.

"Two Pairs of Eyes" is emblematic of the journeys these artists undertake. While Glastonbury traverses the world outside, finding reflections of her inner self in the landscapes and forms she encounters, Napiorkowska turns inward, using her art to decode and understand the myriad layers of her identity.

Yet, for all their differences, the two artists converge in their understanding of art as a tool for introspection. Through their creations, they beckon viewers to join them in their quests, to witness their struggles, joys, realizations, and revelations. It is a shared exploration, where artists and audience together navigate the complex terrains of emotion and identity.

In "Two Pairs of Eyes", Glastonbury and Napiorkowska offer more than just visual art. They offer pieces of themselves, their stories, and their souls. And in doing so, they remind us of the universality of human experience and the shared journey of self-discovery that binds us all.

The exhibition is between Friday 22nd September and Wednesday 27th September 11am - 5pm
IMG 20230731 WA0000