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Tom Leaper 'Mount to Moor (Stanking Up Dingers)'

A solo exhi­bi­tion of recent paint­ings by Tom Leaper | Pri­vate view Fri­day the 13th of May, 17:30 onwards, all welcome!

Artist Tom Leaper is a local man, born and brought up at the Old Quay in Newlyn where his father, Eric Leaper, was a part of the thriving Newlyn pottery scene.

Tom is famous for his sculptures, local examples of which include the iconic Newlyn Fisherman, sited at the end of the green, Sun and Sail, outside the Old Coastguard in Mousehole and the Agave Fountain on Tresco.

Despite being renowned for his sculpture work, Tom originated as a painter, and his work exquisitely captures the wild and sometimes desolate beauty of the Cornish landscape he calls home.

After two recent sculptural shows at the Penwith during Covid, including the graceful and emotive ‘Ladies of Lockdown’ in support of Women’s Aid, and a joint exhibition with assemblage sculptor David Kemp, Tom has returned to painting after twenty years.

These new works celebrate our freedom to once again roam the Cornish countryside and explore the last remaining piece of raw spiritual wilderness in West Penwith. Tom has spent the last 26 years walking the moors with his dogs, and this show is a reflection of his time there and love for this rugged and beautiful land.
3 Tom Leaper Stanking Up Dingerssmaller