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The Shoal Collective X Sea-Glass

The Shoal Col­lec­tive X Sea-Glass at the Fish Fac­to­ry Arts

The Shoal Collective would like to present to you our unique ‘Sea-Glass’ - the result of a collaboration between traditional Venetian glass blowers, Cornish fishermen and innovative designers. It was founded by Lulu Harrison, who is currently studying MA Material Futures at Central Saint Martins.

Working with locally sourced materials around Cornwall, such as oyster and scallop shells, seaweeds, and wild sands - we are excited to invite you to learn more about our making process, and how we can reveal geographical and historical narratives through the colour and texture of glass.

Inspired by the ocean, we strive to make products that not only tell a story, but help work towards a more sustainable future, and empower communities through social innovation and design. Our work actively seeks to redefine the meaning of 'luxury', as well as imagining waste materials as the new commodity.
IMG 6720