Florence Peake 1
Workshops & Courses

Embodied Learning and Unlearning

An inter­ac­tive Work­shop and Dis­cus­sion led by artist Flo­rence Peake

This interdisciplinary public event will invite dialogue between philosophers, artists and the general public. We will consider the role of the body, and its habits, in both limiting and making possible knowledge, including self-knowledge. We also aim to explore techniques that can facilitate shifts in perspectives.

Artist Florence Peake will lead a Somatic movement based workshop with consensual tactile studies. Using touch and eyes closed process to practically explore perceptual experiences of the body and ourselves in relation to others/the body/environment. A way to disorientate habitual notions and ways of experiencing our encounter with objects, surface and the each other. This is an experiential process, gentle and open to all. No prior dance or art experience required.