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Deitritus: A Solo Exhibition by Rose Hatcher

Fish Fac­to­ry founder and direc­tor Rose Hatch­er explores the idea of the mate­ri­al­i­ty of the image in a solo exhibition.

Deitritus: A Solo Exhibition by Rose Hatcher

In her visual arts practice Fish Factory founder and director Rose Hatcher explores the idea of the materiality of the image as object in contrast with the ephemeral, yet ever present digital condition. Her technique involves the manipulation of paper and the re-photographing of images, it throws into question the use of digital techniques and the loss of tactility in modern culture.

In recent works ‘New Gods for Old Problems’ and ‘Examining Votives’ Rose has worked in collage, sculpture and photography exploring the modern experience of banal esoteric rituals, creating icons and shrines for everyday problems. New deities have emerged from the detritus of consumer culture, softly demanding attention and worship. Half remembered rituals are performed for their delectation. An echo of hope remains in the bleak meanderings of our meta-morphosis.

Now these New Gods will dwell inside a dark space, lit by a warm light and protected from the clamour of screens and the tapping of keys. Out of the factories their soft velour bulges have slipped, back to the shadows in the rubbish heap they must creep, rearranging and finding their features along the way.

Opening Weds 8th September 6-9pm
Thursday 9th - Monday 20th 10am-5pm

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