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Assem­ble is a new exhi­bi­tion from Aspex Portsmouth, bring­ing togeth­er con­tem­po­rary mak­ers to explore how dis­ci­plines and mate­ri­als can coexist.

Assemble is a multi-disciplinary exhibition influenced by Group Show in our main gallery space. It explores how different assemblages, disciplines and materials can coexist to create contemporary artwork. Assemble features works from three contemporary makers who have been brought together because of their imaginative and exquisite mixed-media creations. The works demonstrate the delicate balance of using natural and hand-made techniques and reminds us of the importance of organic processes.

With an exploration of colour, form and practice, through collage, embroidered jewellery and jesmonite, these works soften the boundaries between disciplines and materials to test our conventional ideas of what craft is. Each artist’s individual assemblage of the physical components they use, layered with the things that inspire and influence their approach, transforms already present materials into something new. Materially speaking, this exhibition demands us to think about how as humans we can achieve synergy in our relations; whether between things, or people.

About the artists

CASSIA BECK uses vintage magazines and found papers, taking advantage of any flaws and imperfections, to create original collages that result in raw, naive but ultimately charming pieces of art. Materials are hand cut and glued to create bold colourful shapes alongside black and white subjects creating a mix of old and new.

FAYE HALL combines both cloth and jewellery which allows her to work with both large and intimate scales of work. Her practice is currently anchored to exploring the joining of material qualities and colour combinations through embroidery and placement and she creates unique pieces of jewellery that draw upon her fabric collages.

MIA PARKINSON draws inspiration from her surrounding environment. The natural landscapes evolving over time creating ever changing layers and colours and the decay and layering of graffiti and torn posters in cities. She pairs these observations with a dramatic colour palette to create striking one off vessels. She designs moulds using CAD to create the desired shape of each vessel, pigment is then carefully curated and added to the jesmonite mix but the rest of the process happens organically – trusting the fast curing process and the settling of the layers to get the finished result.

Assemble is free to visit and on display in the Craft Space at Aspex Portsmouth. The exhibition is on display until Sunday 9 July.
IMG 7264