The Reset Webinar: What does social distancing mean to visual arts?

Watch our webi­nar with Andy Bry­don (Curat­ed Place) and Fiona Wot­ton (Corn­wall 365) on the arts sec­tor’s recov­ery from the COVID-19 pandemic.


Andy Brydon (Director of Curated Place) and Fiona Wotton (Director of Cornwall 365) consider the broader implications and impact of COVID-19 on the arts, exploring the value of tourism and the opportunities that the arts community could utilise under these unprecedented circumstances. The tourism industry and leading institutions can play a crucial role in supporting artists now to build an engaging contemporary narrative about place. Curated Place has also gathered extensive international research on planning events and festivals at the time of social distancing.

VASW has invited these two experts to open up new perspectives in the visual arts to innovate our art form and ways to engage the communities that surround it.