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Rachel Dobbs on Mapping out Local Resources

Rachel Dobbs shares a range of use­ful tools and resources from the per­spec­tive of a ser­i­al freelancer.

A graphic diagram which looks like branches and roots with different key words coming off each root

If you are trying to work out what resources you and your group can tap into in your area (e.g. venues for hire, sharing organisations and green spaces), I would highly recommend making a map together. You can do this in a number of ways – here are two that I particularly like!

You can work remotely by creating a shared, collaborative Google map and adding pins and info around whatever your focus is – here’s an example. You can also work face-to-face by setting up an easy-to-organize event (a MapJam) where a small, dedicated group of people get together for a few hours to map as many resources in their city or town as possible - here’s a guide on how to host a MapJam.

If you also get interested in how the place where you live has changed over time, I would recommend this side-by-side geo-referenced maps viewer by the National Library of Scotland.