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YaYa Weave: The Hands Remember

The Yaya Weave exhib­it presents the research of artists Viviane Vaux and Maria Christo­fori­dou into hap­tic, visu­al and expand­ed notions of weaving.

'The pattern is the rhythm that makes the song
that moves the hand that makes the fabric
that join us all together'

The Yaya Weave exhibit presents the research of artists Viviane Vaux and Maria Christoforidou into haptic, visual and expanded notions of weaving. More often than not, in language and imagination, weaving is proposed as a metaphor for the social fabric. Thread is imagined as a visual representation of thinking patterns, connecting various themes from sound waves and pixels to cave drawings, emotional complexities and spiritual connections. Through archival images and objects the display places weaving at the intersection of science, technology, language, mythology and art.
In the space there are small opportunities to try your hand at weaving.
Each week in the exhibition space visitors will be able to see a communal woven tapestry grow. A tapestry created in a series of workshops with local people from different diasporas, that renews our connections to ancestral practices, woven with recycled material, stories, dreams and songs.

7 October - 1 November 2021
IMG 7369