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Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water

Vis­it Wood, Fire, Earth, Met­al, Water, a new exhi­bi­tion cre­at­ed by the local community.

The 5 elements according to Chinese Taoism; Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, are an important feature and influence in ☰pa●○pa☴, Aspex Portsmouth’s current exhibition in the main gallery space by artist Rae-Yen Song.

Drawing inspiration from Song’s artworks, participants during our Family Saturdays workshops are exploring the use of various mediums including paint, charcoal, and tin foil to represent each element. During the sessions they are encouraged to respond to ideas around family, belonging, and migration, themes also present in the main exhibition.

Some of the workshops culminate in a collaborative outcome, for example a forest of charcoal-drawn trees, encouraging the young people to work together and to think about how they, their artworks, and the five elements contribute to a larger whole. Others, respond interdisciplinary incorporating poetry within their work in order to respond visually and intellectually with the multitude of meanings found in ☰pa●○pa☴.

Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, bWater showcases some of the workshop outcomes from each element, highlighting how all the workshops relate to each other and complement the current exhibition in the main space, and celebrating the achievements of the families that have taken part.

Family Saturdays take place every Saturday, 11am-1pm in our Learning Space and is a free, drop in session for families to explore how to get creative together.

☰pa●○pa☴ is free to visit in the main exhibition space until 1 October.
IMG 0412 2