Tom Leaper | Big Country poster. Painting: Sophie Fraser

Tom Leaper | Big Country

Tom Leaper, Jason Lil­ley, Sophie Fras­er, Gra­ham Dav­ey, Klein­er Shames, Iona Sanders

Join us for the open­ing evening on Friday 17th May 17:30 onwards, all welcome!

Penwith in the Penwith – a selection of Penwith Gallery artists explore their relationship with and conceptualisation of our wild and uncut landscape. Mixing the work from 3D sculpture through hollow sculpted wooden forms to stunning painted interpretations of the raw Penwith topography.

The featured artists invited by Tom span three decades and each bring their own interpretation of their Penwith home.

Presenting works by Tom Leaper, Jason Lilley, Sophie Fraser, Graham Davey, Kleiner Shames, and Iona Sanders in a kaleidoscope of creative interaction with their environment.
Tom Leaper | Big Country poster. Painting: Sophie Fraser
Painting Sculpture