MA Show Andy Cluer Play me audio tape photography sculpture

Then, at last: MA Contemporary Art Practice Graduates 2020-2021

An exhi­bi­tion that show­cas­es and cel­e­brates the work of MA Con­tem­po­rary Art Prac­tice graduates.

Embarking on a postgraduate programme in Contemporary Art is an act of revision, of reflecting on and examining practice. Artists ask how they make work, who for, and why. They consider their materials, processes and the concepts they operate with. This is a challenge, but it is also an opportunity to shift direction, to try something new, to rejig. These works are the outcome of this process of questioning, and of the encounters with each other as a cohort. After a year of disruption, dispersal, disappointment, an exhibition emerges.

Then, at last is testament to the strategies the artists have developed to sustain their art making, and the resilience they have found in their studios, in their networks, and in the resources they have learnt to draw on. The exhibition presents the objects, sounds, images, texts that evidence the sustaining of practice through adversity. These works are encountered in their openness to the audience, and in their evidence of commitment to practice, to continuing, to keeping going. A gesture of connection, of communication they invite you to meet them on these terms.

Closed Mondays.
MA Show Andy Cluer Play me audio tape photography sculpture