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The House of Windsor: Past, Present and Future

Dr Ed Owens is a his­to­ri­an of the mod­ern British monar­chy, and com­men­ta­tor on the rela­tion­ship between the media and the roy­al family.

Historical Association and University of Plymouth History Department talk

Dr Ed Owens is a historian of the modern British monarchy, and commentator on the relationship between the media and the royal family. His book, The Family Firm. Monarchy, Mass Media and the British Public, 1932-53 analyses the transformation of the royal household’s public relations strategy. His talk covers that period up to the present, with a look into the future. There will be a consideration of the toxic relationship between the royalty and parts of the British press, and of recent events – with the coronation of the new monarch being just four days away. Dr Owens has a number of points to make about the long reign of the late queen, about her relationship with her sister and other relatives. The monarchy recently has been down-sizing the number of working royals, giving the ’spares’ more freedom – which perhaps helps to avoid their becoming a liability, and has provided the press with much to write about.
House of Windsor