Workshops & Courses

The Come Together Weekender Day 3: Imagining for Real

Join us for a day of four events where we play, build and neigh­bour­hood-imag­ine from where ever you are.

11am-12.30pm: Making Places with Malcolm Hamilton of Play:Disrupt
On Zoom + ‘Balance box©’ delivered to you

Come Together Commissioned artist Malcolm Hamilton will facilitate a workshop exploring how to vision neighbourhood change from our own home. Ensuring everyone can participate in public realm and planning projects, balancing the conversation using Balance© playful engagement boxes.

To take part sign up for a free ‘Balance box©’
We will post the box to your home and send you a zoom link to join the workshop. Limited boxes available.

You must sign-up to this event by Monday 15th November.

12:30-1:15pm Mini Build Your Own Session
Drop-in at KWMC + online content

Find out how the Knowle West community came together to design and build Block West, a new community pavilion, during lockdown 2020 using hybrid design and fabrication tools. Get hands-on and try out the tools for yourself. Includes free lunch.

1:30-2:45pm Behind the Scenes Tour of a We Can Make home
Walk starts from and returns to KWMC.

Community-led housing initiative We Can Make unlocks micro-sites for affordable community-led homes. Join a behind the scenes tour of one of the first homes as it gets built. Meet the future residents. Learn about the digital fabrication tools they are using to make the homes.

If you are from Knowle West, find out if We Can Make could help your housing situation. Explore how you can adapt and adopt the We Can Make approach for your own neighbourhood.

3-4pm: ‘Bold Imagination from the Impossible to Possible’ with Phoebe Tickell
On Zoom

Join Moral Imaginations for a one hour virtual imagining session using the collective imaginary of The Impossible Train Story. Using the shared metaphor and imaginary world of the Impossible Train, we will travel to a place beyond space and time to make sense of what has happened during the Covid-19 pandemic, and explore possible futures together. You will need a good internet connection and preferably your video on – but not essential!

If you would like to join from KWMC using one of our laptops, let us know.

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