Optimized Jim Doran

The Colours Of Dartmoor

A deeply held fas­ci­na­tion with Dart­moor still con­tin­ues to inspire South Devon artist Jim Doran as he returns to Arti­zan Gallery with his new exhibiti

17/08/21 – 28/08/21
Opening Times
Sun–Mon, Closed
Tue–Sat, 11:00 – 17:00
The experiences of a charity walk undertaken across the Moor for the NSPCC is continuing to inform Jim’s work over a decade later. The 7 days and nights spent in Dartmoor’s wilds in 2007, have been added to with more recent visits, but this immersion in the landscape, taken in solitary isolation with just a sketchbook and painting materials for company, left a lasting memory that continues to provide fertile source material for the artist’s work.
Recent works have continued to explore different aspects of the Moor, and the various guises this temperamental wilderness can take on.

‘Day-trippers delight or the Devil’s backyard? Well, it’s a tricky one because it’s neither one completely, but rather both at different times. Spend the day on the moor and more than likely you’ll enjoy the stunningly beautiful views in all directions breathe fresh clean air and feel the breeze on your face and go home having had a lovely day on the land. This everyday image of Dartmoor is real enough, but it is nowhere near the full story. The Moor has a Jekyll and Hyde nature, it’s a very strange place, not-withstanding the folklore and mythology, it just feels strange when you’re on it and the longer you stay the stranger it gets!’

‘The Colours of Dartmoor’ is the first of two exhibitions. Works featured are simultaneously representational, capturing the visual characteristics of the Moor, its skies, undulation and atmospheric light, and also expressive, portraying the essence and spirit of the place as Jim has experienced it.
Optimized Jim Doran