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Workshops & Courses

Sunday Club - Suminagashi

For chil­dren aged 7 – 12, this is a Kids Art Club like no oth­er, where chil­dren get to work on easels and use the same high art qual­i­ty mate­ri­als as our

Work with Emma Saffy Wilson, to discover the unique Japanese art of Suminagashi, the art of painting on water. This ancient ink and water technique has been used to create beautiful papers for paintings, calligraphy and print.

Emma will guide you through the simple, gentle process and encourage you to mindfully experiment with pattern, form and colour to make a number of Suminagashi prints. You will then be given the opportunity to freely work on top of your prints using watercolour, pastel and pencil highlighting some of the shapes that emerge in your work.

We are happy to continue offering limited FREE Scholarship places for those on low income. Please contact for a Scholarship application form.
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