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For this Hid­den Wardrobe show, artist and RIPE grad­u­ate Signe Eliza Pook will be exhibit­ing a new Instal­la­tion work called SNAZZ-A-ROO/CROWD PLEASER +

SNAZZ-A-ROO/CROWD PLEASER + features material of previously resolved and on-going development of ideas within Installation work that is complimented by a drawing made in situ: responding to the surroundings of Old Northam Road.

Driven by the sound and physicality of rhythm, whilst envisaging space as a flexible landscape, the work addresses the presence of notions of play and chaos; but equally a sense of preciousness, that together form a synergy depicting a life unfolding, right here and now.

At the launch event, 6pm on the 7th April, you'll have the opportunity to explore the works up close and hear from Signe, who'll be chatting to audiences about the works and answering any questions you may have. There will also be a pop-up bar serving drinks throughout the evening.

SNAZZ-A-ROO/CROWD PLEASER + is free to visit on display 24/7 in the windows of the Hidden Wardrobe from Friday 7th April – Sunday 14th May 2023.
IMG 9896