Centrespace Triptych option 1


Three Bris­tol-based female artists are explor­ing the siren from new per­spec­tives for a new exhi­bi­tion at the Cen­tre­space Gallery.

Looking in to the relationship of women to the sea, science and society, this exhibition takes the mythological figure into surprising areas, showing how siren stories reflect the anxieties and desires of the people that tell them.

The three women approach the subject from different angles, layering their individual practices to create something unique through collage, photography and sculpture. The combined effect is an other-worldly subaquatic experience.

Hannah Battershell creates work in many forms: intricate paper collages; diorama-like scenes in tobacco tins; ethereal cyanotypes; and more recently, carved stone and wooden sculptures. The abiding mood is one of playful darkness and eerie beauty.
Instagram: @hannahbattershellartist

Chloe Edwards’ work explores ideas of femininity from the sublime to the ridiculous. She plays with the charm and chance of alternative photography alongside digital image making to recreate scenes from myths and memories.
Instagram: @chloeandcamera

Becky Hoghton’s practice focuses on hand-built porcelain sculptures she describes as ‘ceramic diorama-wunderkammers’. They are stages set for casts of casts of found objects and old photographs.
Instagram: @beckyhoghton
Centrespace Triptych option 1
Photography Sculpture

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