Simon Fleeman animal

Simon Fleeman - A Different Perception

A debut exhi­bi­tion by dig­i­tal artist, Simon Fleeman

09/02/23 – 24/02/23
Opening Times
Sun–Tue, Closed
Wed–Sat, 10:00 – 17:00
n this small intimate exhibition by new Devon artist Simon Fleeman, he explores the infinite possibilities of digital art to present a very different perception of the visual interpretation of people’s views and attitudes towards sex, gender, nudity and indifference. Beautifully drawn, these artworks will challenge your own perceptions.

His raw, stripped-back Pop Art form, using only a limited amount of tools and colours to create simple, minimalistic abstract shapes and spaces, almost cartoonish or toylike in execution, helps make his subject matter visible and acceptable.

Simon’s art is designed to be large and bold, to be seen and not hidden away.

"My work is about perception and acceptance. It crosses borders, because borders can represent boundaries and I'm trying to cross and break down these subject boundaries. I suppose I am challenging the way people think about, sex, gender, nudity as much as the way people think about digital art. Some will accept it, others won’t."
Simon Fleeman animal