Robin Hawes and Daniel Miles Material Immaterial A5 2pp Page 1

Robin Hawes & Daniel Miles 'Material/Immaterial'

A joint exhibiton of paint­ing and sculp­ture — 3rd July 2021 — 31st July 2021

A joint exhibition presenting new sculptures by Daniel Miles and abstract panels by Robin J Hawes.

The impulse to create aesthetic beauty is clear in the works of both sculptor Daniel Miles and artist Robin J Hawes. This shared aim, however, stands in stark contrast to the approaches and methods each uses to achieve their creative goal.

Daniel Miles’ sculptures are a product of very physical (often vigorous) shaping of tangible materials and his emotional response to the form, as it emerges and is refined, plays an integral role in the development of the sculpture’s aesthetic.

In contrast, Robin J Hawes’ series of subtle ‘op art’ panels are a product of an ongoing intellectual investigation into the hidden perceptual processes (both neurological and embodied) that are undertaken as a painting’s aesthetic emerges in the mind of the viewer.

This exhibition juxtaposes these two artists’ equally serene bodies of work within the context of the contrasting and contradictory processes undertaken to produce them.

In this way the viewer is invited to become part of a visual dialogue between the physical and the mental; the emotional and the rational; between the Material and the Immaterial.
Robin Hawes and Daniel Miles Material Immaterial A5 2pp Page 1
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