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Reflections of Venice

Robert Crisp show­cas­es the cul­mi­na­tion of many hours spent sketch­ing and test­ing colours that best rep­re­sent the light and tones of Venice.

Robert’s new exhibition at Sou’-Sou’-West Gallery in Symondsbury is the result of five years of study, experimenting with different surfaces, grounds and mediums. Entitled ‘Reflections of Venice’, Robert showcases the culmination of many hours spent sketching and testing colours which would best represent the light and tones of Venice, and striving to capture the atmosphere of the city in a visually recognisable way, but in an abstract style.

With the use of strong black lines and a limited palette on a pure white gesso panel surface, Robert depicts the architecture, basilicas, and churches with their arches, domes and statues. The courtyards and alleyways are a striking feature, with their wells and washing strung between the buildings and over the canals, the bridges, working boats, gondolas, mooring poles, and of course, the titular reflections, mirroring the scene for twice the impact. The essence of city life in Venice is truly captured, evoking the festivals, parades of boats, the bustling waterways, masked and costumed people and cats sunning themselves in the windows. Visitors to the gallery will also be invited to view how this body of work developed. A selection of working drawings, sketches, sketch books, notes, colour charts and the testing out of differing mediums and surfaces will be displayed, making an interesting, insightful and very personal exhibition of Venice, combined with the educational side of Robert’s creative journey.
IMG 1400