Black and white pinhole photograph of suspension bridge tower
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Pinhole Photography at the Clifton Suspension Bridge

Take extra­or­di­nary pho­tographs using a sim­ple tin can cam­era, then devel­op them in our pop-up chem­i­cal darkroom.

Join Bristol’s own Justin Quinnell, a world expert in pinhole photography, for this photography workshop at and on the Clifton Suspension Bridge. You’ll learn all about the fascinating world of pinhole photography during this workshop for families and adults alike.

After a brief exploration of its history, scientific principles and the evolution of pinhole camera design, Justin will lead you into the heart of this art form.

What to expect:
Learn how a pinhole camera is made
Learn the history and science behind pinhole cameras
Take some images of the bridge with photographic tecnhiques whose invention happened at the same time as the bridge was designed.
Make a pinhole image of the bridge and watch it developing in the magic of a chemical darkroom
Take a pinhole ‘awfulogramme’ for an extraordinary selfie!View the world through a wearable camera obscura – the Eyescura!
Leave with a free solargraph camera to create a 6 month exposure of the sun crossing the sky.

You will load and use a reusable pinhole camera made from sustainable materials to photograph our iconic bridge then dive into Justin’s unique and extraordinary ‘awfulogramme’ technique to capture the most amazing selfies.

After watching your photographs develop before your eyes in Justin’s temporary darkroom you’ll be guided on how to invert the image using your mobile phone to reveal the stunning final results.

Justin will finally equip each group attending with both a pinhole camera and instructions on creating a ‘solargraph’ – a photograph with a six-month-long exposure that traces the mesmerising sun’s journey across the sky.

Sessions at: 10:30-12.00, 1.00-2.30 or 3.00-4.30
Black and white pinhole photograph of suspension bridge tower