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Photography Exhibition Launch

Join us for the launch of 3 pho­tog­ra­phy show­cas­es, includ­ing Mark Mur­ton’s Brix­ham Har­bour Colours” and archive images loaned from Torquay Museum

Opening Times
18:00 – 20:00
About Mark Murton

Shape, Form, Colour: Living in a fishing community it is difficult to avoid blocks of vibrant colour. To an extent it dictates the way Mark Murton sees when he is exploring Brixham Harbour – particularly the deceptively simple graphic designs that adorn the day boats and trawlers.

As a result, he has found himself naturally draw to “shape, form and colour” in his photographs, and which are depicted in this exhibition.
“The enjoyment I get just from observing the effects of the low light of the sun are an end in itself.”

Mark Murton is a photographer with a passion for documenting the areas close to where he lives, finding those elements that create the distinctiveness of a place and using his photography as a form of visual storytelling to create that “sense of place”.
This aspect of his work started when he was living in South-West London, where he secured Arts Council funding to stage an exhibition that celebrated the distinctiveness of his local area, and which encouraged people through the photography to take pride in the place that they live.

On moving to Brixham in 2019 he has continued to explore and discover distinct elements of the area and to use his photography to take images that tell a story and that define the town and the surrounding area.

Through his photography, Mark hopes to transmit some of this passion to others so that people realise how photography can help people to see a familiar place in a new way.

From the Archive

Join us for a collaborative photography exhibition where we explore some of the archive photography held by Torquay Museum. In this exhibition we have barely scratched the surface of the Museum’s extensive photographic archive but working with them we have selected images of buildings and landscapes which we hope will be instantly recognised by those who pay us a visit. There will also be a small selection of images from visits made to the area by our late Monarch Queen Elizabeth II. Alongside this exhibition we shall be hosting two further photography shows: a solo show by local photographer, Mark Murton, featuring a series of contemporary works of Brixham and its harbour, and a mixed show from our own collection. The exhibitions will also be supported with a book launch of ‘Torquay A Social History’ on 2nd November, by local author Dr Kevin Dixon.

Artizan Collections

Join us for an exhibition exploring photography as both record and artform. Photography has always played a part in our exhibitions, be that as part of our mixed shows or dedicated to that particular medium. As such, we find that we have acquired an extensive collection of contemporary works and the team at Artizan have selected some of their favourites for this show that will support our two other photography exhibitions this month.
AOP22 2