People of the Industry

People of the Industry

Peo­ple of the Indus­try is an exhi­bi­tion that cel­e­brates the men and women who have worked in the chi­na clay indus­try over the last 200 years.

People of the Industry is an exhibition that celebrates the men and women who have worked in the china clay industry over the last 200 years.

Through interviewing past clay workers and using their experiences, anecdotes and stories we have created a vehicle to capture more memories and connections.

We are asking people to share with us their experiences of working in the industry and what their ‘clay connection’ is.

If you have a ‘clay connection’ - perhaps you worked in the industry or live near a former clay works - that you’d like to share, email Sian at We will be adding these stories to the exhibition over the coming months.

Also on display are objects related to the industry, photographs of people throughout the years and interactive activities for children. The exhibition runs until 26th May.
People of the Industry