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Work with recy­cled pulp to make sheets of hand­made paper.

In collaboration with Exeter Phoenix we are offering two papermaking workshops with tutor Janine Ziolkowski, hosted in their Top Studio.
There will be the opportunity to personalise your sheets of paper through the addition of threads, pressed petals, leaves and seeds. All materials are provided.

Papermaking can get messy so wear something suitable or bring along an apron.

Session dates:

We have further dates for this workshop:

Sat 25 May: 2pm – 4.30pm
Mon 03 Jun: 10.30am – 1pm

I am excited to share my passion of paper making. I first attended a paper making course at The Glasgow School of Art during a school holiday and with the benefit of quite sophisticated equipment produced a wad of papers from recycled paper and plants. I then found a self-taught paper maker in Herefordshire, Maureen Richardson and spent a wonderful week camping in a field and cycling back and forth to her house.

I use natural dyes to colour my paper and my favourites are red onion skin and avocado pips and skins. Recently I have been working with pigments mixing ground charcoal and rust from old nails into my pulp. I embed pressed flowers, silk threads, wools and other natural fibres into my paper. I celebrate nature and to make something beautiful with little environmental impact is important to me. As a teacher at heart, I hope to introduce others to explore and share what I have learnt.