Rosanne Robertson Sculpting with Plaster POC wshop

Palace of Culture - Sculpture with Plaster of Paris

In col­lab­o­ra­tion with V21 Art­space and Arts Coun­cil Col­lec­tion we have cre­at­ed a vir­tu­al Palace using the lat­est com­put­er-gen­er­at­ed imagery.

The magical Palace of Culture returns – but not as you know it! Explore the set created by artists Tony Crosby and Laura Drayson with 10 artworks selected by children at Newlyn School.
Step inside the virtual Palace of Culture and visit the works selected by the children, exploring the supporting audio clips and written text and then go down to the Lower Gallery, where you can select a specially created online artist-led workshop, in sculpture, collage, printmaking, dance, poetry, and other stimulating pursuits for all ages and abilities.

Featured Artist Workshop:
Rosanne Robertson - Sculpture with Plaster of Paris - 58 minutes – all ages
Inspired by the work of Alan Grimwood, Rosanne will lead you through how to effectively employ quick setting gypsum plaster to achieve satisfying sculptural forms using found and natural objects.
Rosanne Robertson Sculpting with Plaster POC wshop
Digital Sculpture