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Outside The Algorithm - Podcasting

In this online work­shop with Alice Vick­ery, you will learn the key ingre­di­ents for pro­duc­ing a podcast

24 Aug, 11:00

In this online workshop with Alice Vickery, you will learn the key ingredients for producing a podcast that has the potential to stand out and spread across social media. Alice Vickery will take you through the technical know-how for producing slick audio, the editorial dos and don’ts, and give you an understanding into why audio is perfect for storytelling - and why the time to put your ideas into action is now.

About Alice Vickery

“After studying creative writing at the University of East Anglia, I used my skills to get into radio and podcasting. I love learning and listening from people different to myself, and this interest has led to interviews across the world, from Edinburgh to Australia. Whilst travelling, I wanted to try new experiences and tell the stories of the fascinating people I was meeting, so I started Dingbat Chat. This led to stand up comedy which became my solice when I returned home to Cornwall during Covid. Upon returning, the skills I had learnt through Dingbat Chat launched me into a career at the BBC... but I missed podcasting! Cornwall is full of talented, creative individuals, the more opportunities I get to explore them, the better.

So I have started Cornish Kaleidoscope, a podcast where I speak to people in Cornwall who have used their diversity to fuel their success. There's so much to explore in our own county and podcasting is the perfect platform in which you can take the time to open up and let a story unfold.”

Digital Workshops Programme

In partnership with Yew! Magazine and supported by Cultivator these digital workshops are aimed at young creatives to help them to develop an online presence. The sessions will include introductions on how to sell and make NFTs, a crypto asset which records ownership of a digital item, such as an image, video or text, on blockchain. It will also cover how to start your own podcast.