Uk09 672 breaking wave at burton bradstock cliffs dorset 2
NEW (Live workshop using Zoom) Limited to 8 participants.

Tutor: Robert Harvey BA ARPS EFIAP CEnv CSci MCIWEM

Landscapes are perennially popular subjects for photographers. However, capturing a really good landscape image is challenging. Everyone can photograph the landscape … but what makes a striking landscape photograph? How much is down to planning and how much is serendipity? Why and how does a superb photograph stand out from the rest. Each type of subject presents its own particular challenges … and opportunities.

This one day course covers the techniques and perception required to take landscape photographs that have impact. Throughout the course we will be concentrating on the what, why and how of landscape photography. We will look at composition, focal length and focus, use of light, colour and monochrome. Examples from throughout Britain will be shown to illustrate the ingredients that can make a potentially good photograph into a memorable image.

The course will provide a comprehensive introduction to landscape photography and all the technical details needed to photograph terrestrial landscapes with a digital SLR camera. Subjects covered in depth are:

The nature of landscape
Finding and selecting subjects
Elements of composition
“Rules” of composition and when to break them
The use of different focal length lenses from wide angle to telephoto
Focus and depth of field, including focus stacking
Colour in the landscape and how it works in photography
Monochrome: when less can be more
Use of light – finding the right light for the subject
Shooting at sunrise and sunset
Capturing high contrast subjects using High Dynamic Range processing

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Uk09 672 breaking wave at burton bradstock cliffs dorset 2