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Natasha MacVoy: Eye Witness

A solo exhi­bi­tion of instal­la­tion, sculp­ture, film, per­for­mance, and text, that explores ideas around invis­i­ble labour, care, and neurodiversity.

Throughout her practice, Natasha MacVoy explores ideas and motifs that relate to invisible labour, care, and neurodiversity, realising these through the playful use of doubling, repetition, and the considered use of close-at-hand materials. She simultaneously highlights universal experiences based on our perception of space, the passage of time, processes of making, and how we might gather, hold, and return to our thoughts.

Eye Witness explores the various ways Natasha has rehearsed, adapted, and changed the fabric of the world, in order to provide an invisible support structure for her neurodivergent children. She utilises the analogies of the actor and the stunt performer, considering the hidden work in their processes of preparation, rehearsal, practice, and performance, that aim to deliver the appearance of seamless, naturalistic functionality. These structures and ways of working correlate with how Natasha rehearses things she thinks might be difficult for her children, intricate preparations that put in place the adaptations that they need to navigate the neurotypical environment.

It includes recent film commissions by Exeter Phoenix and Eastside Projects (Birmingham).