Miles Cleveland Goodwin . Sunday, oil on linen . artist painting, solo exhibition, cornwall, st. ives, Anima Mundi

Miles Cleveland Goodwin | In The Belly of the Beast (Searching for a Heart)

In The Bel­ly of the Beast (Search­ing for a Heart)’ is a three floor, solo exhi­bi­tion from Miles Cleve­land Good­win, his first in the UK.

Miles Cleveland Goodwin’s deeply rooted upbringing in the American South is of inescapable significance when viewing the extraordinary, phantasmagoric realism and haunting naturalism of his emotive and deeply personal artwork.

The artist frequently and unsentimentally evokes themes of nature, presence, solitude and mortality - conjuring a stark and ambivalent beauty of a place that is often simultaneously unsettling yet deeply soulful, evocative of what the Romantic poet Alfred Tennyson claimed as “red in tooth and claw”. As Goodwin humbly states “My instinct is to salvage the forgotten and unappreciated and elevate the discarded. I want to paint things that have a spiritual integrity - paintings that attempt to show the truth of life. My painting is all that I have to let the world know how I feel. I’m not very good with other forms of communication. I feel a responsibility to be a public servant, to show you things with love, no doubt coloured by a melancholy soul.”

Born in Biloxi, Mississippi and now living in Georgia in the Appalachian Mountains, Goodwin’s form of ‘Southern Gothic’ authentically embraces familiarity with complex mystery and contradiction, where the seen and unseen reflect the tension and harmony which exists between realms of realism and the more supernatural. Goodwin’s unsentimental vision reflects both personal and wider histories, truths and narratives, hinting at underlying and persistent trauma and struggle, where some of the ghosts that haunt the past, linger into the present. His symbolic visions never shy away from darker or more uncomfortable aspects or remnants of reality where the subject of slavery, racism, fear of the outside world, inequity, violence or the grotesque, could be addressed in an attempt to seek a form of transcendence, thus embuing his works with an overriding sense of hope acquired through their ultimate seeking of truth. process of physical and metaphysical transformation. The disparate emotional effects of the universe we inhabit, allow us the potential to retreat or to transcend towards a greater sense of separation or a wider unity, where we and all become one.

Join us, together with the artist at the Exhibition Preview on Friday 29th March, 7-9 pm
Miles Cleveland Goodwin . Sunday, oil on linen . artist painting, solo exhibition, cornwall, st. ives, Anima Mundi