Mikhail Karikis Sea Women 2012 detail 1024x520

Mikhail Karikis: SeaWomen 2012

Immer­sive film instal­la­tion by inter­na­tion­al artist Mikhail Karikis

This audio-visual installation captures the experience of a 'haenyeo' woman’s day at sea: diving deep from the rocks; selling and sharing their catch; returning from the depths to their coastal base and sorting their nets.

The 'haenyeo' are an ancient and fast-vanishing community who dive to depths of up to twenty meters with no oxygen supply to catch seafood, collect seaweed and find pearls.

The audio scenes include a rhythmic rowing work-song; the reverberant hubbub of the women’s communal baths, a sudden violent thunderstorm and the 'sumbisori'. The 'sumbisori' is the striking high-pitched and dolphin-like whistling noises of the diving women’s traditional breathing technique. This soundscape, along with the women’s profession are on the verge of disappearance.
Mikhail Karikis Sea Women 2012 detail 1024x520
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