The Weather Orchestra folk singers group back grid CROP

Mikhail Karikis: Acoustics of Resistance

The first show­ing of Acoustics of Resis­tance, a project by inter­na­tion­al­ly recog­nised artist Mikhail Karikis focus­ing on the cli­mate emergency.

The first UK showing of Acoustics of Resistance, a new project by Mikhail Karikis focusing on the climate emergency and exploring listening as a form of climate care, solidarity and activism.

Combining archival visual material, climate modelling, experimental and folk music, the project reflects on our collective responsibility and invites us to rejoice in the transformative power of sound and to tune into the sounds of nature and socio-political change.

The Weather Orchestra, a 3 channel video installation will transform the gallery space into an indoor weather system. Our deep relationship and entanglement with the weather, and our connection to the atmosphere and the earth are revealed through singing and vibration.

Lower Gallery features the installation: 'Universe of Solutions' will feature visuals produced by 30 pupils from Honiton Community College during workshops with the artist depicting their imagined solutions to climate change. Visitors will also be able to contribute to this collaborative artwork.
The Weather Orchestra folk singers group back grid CROP
Installation Sound