MESKLA Brewyon Drudh Workshop
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MESKLA | Brewyon Drudh

MESKLA | Brewyon Drudh is a pub­lic sculp­ture project, by Sovay Ber­ri­man, that explores Cor­nish identity

MESKLA | Brewyon Drudh (Mussel Gathering | Precious Fragments) will take place in Redruth in Cornwall, between June & October 2022.

It is a public sculpture project exploring contemporary Cornish cultural identity. Particularly considering the relationship of Cornish identity and culture with heritage, and extraction industries, including tourism.

Through podcasts, conversation and rubbish sculpture making workshops Sovay will actively engage with people, seeking and recording their views on identity and Cornwall, and how what we discuss relates to broader contexts - historically, nationally and globally.

These discussions will be woven into a final sculptural installation that will be exhibited in Redruth during October 2022.

The workshops will be led by Sovay and take place at different venues throughout Redruth. Some will be drop-in, some dedicated to specific community groups. Participants will make small sculptural objects from waste material, such as old packaging and repurposed cloth. Alongside the making, there will be conversation around the themes of the project, the ideas that are raised in the podcasts and our views and thoughts on Cornish cultural identity.

The podcasts will see conversations among speakers whose research or lived experienced touches on the project themes. Confirmed guests include: Dr Stephanie Pratt ; Angeline Morrison; Angela Piccini and Kayle Brandon; Amanprit Sandhu, and Jowdy Davey of the Lowender Peran festival & Gorsedh Kernow. They'll be available via standard podcast platforms and through a dedicated webpage for the project.

Sovay will build a sculptural installation that will bring together the different strands of the project. This will be open for exhibition at Krowji, Cornwall's largest arts hub, during October 2022. Over the last weekend of the exhibition, and as a point of conclusion, there will be a public in-conversation on Saturday 29th October with an invited panel including oral history, place and nation researcher Dr Shelley Trower, and Angeline Morrison, chaired by Dr Angela Piccini of Association of the Unknown Shore and BuTCH/*.

Legacy: A limited edition of small palm-sized pocket sculptures made by Sovay and cast from reclaimed copper will be offered, on a first-come-first-served basis, to those who've contributed to the sculptural exhibition, creating a physical legacy, and reminder of the shared conversations. All contributors' names will be included in a printed document mapping the journey of these conversations and the pocket-sculptures.

Independent queer arts & heritage consultancy ButCH/* will formatively evaluate the project and produce a legacy document.

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