Candace Exhibition Poster

'Love Tourist' An exhibition by Candace von Hoffman

In Love Tourist, artist in res­i­dence Can­dace von Hoff­man is explor­ing ten­sions in rela­tion­ships, what moti­vates us and deters us in dating.

"I have been single long enough that there is growing distance between my original intentions with dating and the nomadic love life I have found myself addicted to. At one point (a few years ago) I felt I was designing a perfect timeline for a future partnership. I was under the illusion that I could predict exactly who I would date, for how long, and when we would have kids. I have now been on 51 first dates (and counting) since my last breakup and have stopped pretending I have a single answer. What do I want? Why am I still going on dates? Is this dating life sustainable? I have no fucking clue. "

"The more I run into moments of discontent, the more I am drawn to explore each person as a world of their own. Yes, I am also inviting you to be a tourist in my love life. Celebrate the human that is the messes we make on the world. Treasure the small-scale romantic moments that can also be awkward or habitual. Find the beauty and humor in art that isn’t serious or important but relatable. Get lost in the journey reflected in these images, while I’m still touring."
Candace Exhibition Poster