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Line and Tone

Rus­sel­l’s seascapes are naïve, instant rep­re­sen­ta­tions of the coastline.

The spontaneity of Russell Coulson's landscapes and the use of mixed media enable him to
retain the emotion and idea of a moment and quickly move on to the next concept, so his paintings are never overworked and stagnant. His seascapes are naive and instant representations of the coastline. They are graphic, stylised and colourful, creating vibrant patchworks of tone and movement.
Additionally, Russell has always been fascinated by line artwork in figurative and portrait drawing.
Experimenting with line and medium, taking it to its ultimate potential without causing the drawing to collapse or turn cartoon. He still tries to retain the characteristics and recognisability of the subject.
DF1 A6 B0 B A543 4925 813 C 410 F6 F09 CF09