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Lily Mixe : Symbiosis - (continued)

Lily Mixe SYM­BIO­SIS was forced to close due to the 2nd lock­down… That Art Gallery has now reopened and the show goes on!

05/12/20 – 19/12/20
Opening Times
Sun–Mon, Closed
Tue–Sat, 11:00 – 18:00
The natural world is a place of extreme beauty and brutality. From microscopic to larger than life organisms that inhabit earth, there is a precarious and fragile balance between life and death. Every non domesticated plant or animal is fighting for survival - for space, food, the chance to reproduce. Finally everything dies to make way for the younger, fitter and faster. Within this chaos a strange order exists, moments of the sublime and displays of engineering genius, whether it be the dividing of a single cell, the pattern on a poisonous snake, fungus overtaking a tree, or a luminous coral reef providing shelter to school of fish. In very corner of our planet there are signs that there is a grand design to nature, animals coexisting, complimenting and benefiting one another is a kind of opera or theatre of survival.