Lucy inder 2022 randwick woods

Kaleidoscope Eyes

The first solo show from Stroud painter Lucy Inder, shar­ing her Kalei­do­scope jour­ney of colour.

25/11/22 – 04/12/22
Opening Times
Sun–Tue, Closed
Wed–Sat, 10:00 – 15:00
The first solo show from local painter Lucy Inder, sharing her Kaleidoscope journey of colour, including a special opening for Stroud Goodwill Evening. “Wandering, often deep in thought, I search for shapes, colours and lost horizons to draw from and paint; Images to translate into my own Kaleidoscope of colours.”

Painting has enabled me to build my own language of expression, creating marks and layers of colour and texture to describe the views which shape my life. Walking across the commons looking into the distance I see the river which gives me a sense of context and location on the map. I find shapes which sing out to me like jewels of colour.

My art practice started in surface pattern and design, and whilst teaching in a local comprehensive school over a period of 25 years, my sketchbooks have charted my creative journey; an expression of thoughts, feelings and identity. During this time, I have shared my passion for discovery through art with students and in turn I have been inspired by their exploration of Artists, processes, techniques in their art making. I have witnessed the value for young people of cultivating their individual language of creative expression. In the last three years I have seized the opportunity to develop my own language in paint and explore colour to represent the landscape as I see it. I now offer tutoring for KS3/ GCSE/ A level and any other mature students wanting to develop skills especially associated with learning to use a sketchbook.

This exhibition at SVA in Stroud will be my first solo show, it’s inspired by my success in a group show at the Sub rooms last September. I would love to be able to share with you my Kaleidoscope journey of colour.”

Evening opening : Friday 25th Nov 6-8pm

Open daily Wednesday : Sunday 10-3pm

Good will Evening Friday : 10-3pm & 6-9 pm

Other times by appointment -07799 570418.

Find Lucy on Instagram @lucyinder2018 or her website