Family Friendly

Junior Drawing School - Mandalas

With ref­er­ence to the Mind, Body and Soul theme of LGBTQ+ His­to­ry month, this is a reflec­tive work­shop for young artists.

Suitable for 7-12 year olds

With reference to the Mind, Body and Soul theme of LGBTQ+ History month, this is a reflective workshop for young artists wishing to spend time thoughtfully and patiently with different art materials.

Karen from 'Let's Make Art' will demonstrate how to create a unique and personal mandala, using a variety of materials and methods.

The process of making a mandala will manifest mindfulness. Young artists will be inspired by the rhythms and patterns of mandalas as well as a discussion about the origin of these artworks and how they are used for meditation.

This is a great opportunity for younger artists to build on their skills, learning about symmetry, colour and repeat patterns.