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Jode Pankhurst

An exhi­bi­tion of new work by Jode Pankhurst.

19/05/21 – 17/07/21
Opening Times
Sun–Mon, Closed
Tuesday, 12:00 – 16:00
Wed–Sat, 10:00 – 17:00
Jode Pankhurst works across many disciplines, but is best known for her sculptural ceramic vessels adorned with bold decorative pattern. For this collection, vessels sit alongside studies and prints created as playful ways to celebrate and cherish organic artefacts found whilst walking.

“This body of work was shaped by the constraints of the last twelve months. Walks, both long and short, became a daily ritual that I, like many others, began to rely on for respite and headspace. I found myself regularly returning home with pockets filled with stems plucked from bushes or seeds collected from the ground.

I took immense comfort in simply focussing on the smallest of things. In an effort to distill and honour the inherent hope held in each treasure, I began to collate and find playful ways to house them. The series of ceramic shrines, which hint at function, were designed as a way to pay homage to souvenirs from the outside world and give each item its own stage within the home.

In a year where we’ve had such little control over our lives, the process of elevating something seemingly inconsequential gave me a tangible sense of comfort and control. No matter how apocalyptic things might seem in the world at large, I was reminded of the consistency of returning seasons.”

Jode Pankhurst – Feb 2021

All works are for sale, please ask for a price list.

Exhibition dates subject to confirmation and/or change