Jewels of the gods
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Jewels of the Gods: Make an Ancient Egyptian Amulet

Unleash the mag­ic of one of the most won­drous ancient civil­i­sa­tions by mak­ing an Ancient Egypt­ian amulet.

Few ancient civilisations capture the imagination in the same way as Ancient Egypt with its staggering pyramids, mighty pharaohs, fascinating mummies and all-powerful gods.

Ancient Egyptian people – like Shep en-Mut, whose sarcophogus rests in RAMM’s Egyptian Tomb gallery – wore amulets like necklace pendants and bracelet charms imbued with symbolic meaning and even magical powers. Some offered protection from evil forces, others helped to heal and restore health, while others protected the dead on their journey to the Afterlife.

The earliest known examples are over 6,000 years old and, because everybody from the lowliest peasant to the wealthiest noble wore them, archaeologists have found amulets made out of all sorts of materials, from stone and clay to precious metals and glittering jewels.

Why not take a trip back in time by visiting our Egyptian Tomb in our Ancient Worlds gallery for some inspiration? Then join us in the Courtyard to make a clay amulet inscribed with your name in hieroglyphs or even magical symbols, such as the famous Eye of Horus.
Jewels of the gods