Loire West Pan

Jeffrey Blondes -- Recent Works

GBS Fine Art are pleased to present an exhi­bi­tion in the gallery in Wells of recent work by Jef­frey Blondes.

13/10/23 – 25/11/23
Bath & NE Somerset
Opening Times
Sun–Tue, Closed
Wed–Sat, 11:00 – 18:00
Blondes’ artistic practice over the last 18 years has been devoted to making high definition films ranging in length (to date) from 9 to 104 hours. The consistent preoccupation of these films is that point at which landscape and time meet. As with his initial career as a painter of landscape, his primary instinct has always been to watch, wait and record en plein air the subtleties of nature at play in/on any given landscape.
But what the moving image offers against the inevitable stasis of a painting is the continuous shift of light upon that landscape, its infinite and infinitesimal variations. As Drs Bray and Ede observed in their essay on his work: “Although Blondes is still the mediator…, film provides [the viewer] with such direct exposure to his subject that it is as though a veil has been lifted. Nature has essentially been brought inside our domestic space and because we see landscape out of its normal context, the viewer is even more acutely aware of it.

5 films will be on show during the exhibition including his two most recent works, completed in Scotland and Suffolk respectively; two films of the Loire close to his home in the Tourraine in France and his hommage to artist and poet, David Jones, Le Bois de Mametz. In addition, there will be a series of drawings Blondes has been working on in a direct response to that Mametz film and finally the prints, which he has for some years published as another way of presenting the imagery collected in the course of a shoot.
Loire West Pan
AR/VR Digital Installation