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Figuration to Abstraction - Zoom workshop

This class will begin with draw­ing and paint­ing sub­jects based from life.

This 2-part class will be taking place on Zoom and a selection of materials will be provided by post in advance.*

Abstract or non-figurative art is the main form of modern art. This class will begin with drawing and painting subjects based from life, eventually moving away from concepts of perspective, gravity, naturalistic shapes and colours towards the abstract. Explore your imagination and creativity and discover your personal language of abstraction. You will work on several compositions from more figurative to fully abstract using paper collage, pastels and acrylic paint.

*(If class is booked after 29/03/21 we may not be able to provide all materials, and they may not arrive in time for the class)
AFE1 E7 E9 B3 A8 47 F1 BAC9 26 BD08 B700 EB