Face Siren Workshop
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Facesiren Workshop

Run by PRRRRRT! as part of the EP/64 #64 The Grand Final Weekend

Join DIY noise team PRRRRRT! to build a light-controlled drone synth that you can wear on your face. Play electronic facesirens by turning your head towards the sun, a flickering street lamp or a phone torch. Or gather around a fire at midnight for a synchronised face theremin dance ritual.

Bristol based PRRRRRT! members Becca Rose and Jasmine Butt will be on hand to solder and assemble this small and simple yet undeniably unnerving synth.This workshop is suitable for complete beginners as well as intermediate participants. We will talk you through the basics of the components and circuitry we will be using, as well as giving you a soldering masterclass. There will be an opportunity to decorate your facesirens, or you can leave them blank and emotionless to keep things eerie.

This workshop runs 11am - 2pm. All materials and equipment provided.
Run by Becca Rose and Jasmine Butt -
Jasmine's work involves helping with synth manufacture in Bristol with Bugbrand. She has assisted with soldering and making in various workshops.

Becca is an artist, maker, and educator working at the intersection of craft practice, socially engaged arts, and creative technologies. She puts on participatory events or workshops such as working with DIY electronic-textile sensors, or creating tactile digital games.


Presented with The Brunswick Club and Schwet. Supported with funding from West of England Visual Arts Alliance (WEVAA) and Arts Council England.
Face Siren Workshop