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Embracing the Unknown in Collaboration

Sil­via Carderel­li-Gronau, a Move­ment Artist, traces their jour­ney of mak­ing Son­ic Dancer with com­put­er sci­en­tist Swen E. Gaudl

The last year and a half has encouraged many artists to experiment with new ways of collaborating- often at the intersection of multiple disciplines, practices, and time zones. Join us as artists reflect on the demands and possibilities of such experimentation.

Silvia Carderelli-Gronau, a Movement Artist, teamed up with Computer Scientist Swen E. Gaudl to develop a sound-based framework that enables dancers to move and improvise with each other from different locations, creating a network of presence, connection and touch beyond the visual sphere. You can read more about their project, Sonic Dancer, here.

In this workshop, we trace Silvia and Swen’s journey of making Sonic Dancer: were they supported in negotiating the uncertainty in innovation? How did they navigate any frictions arising in their interdisciplinary collaboration? How could this experimental project be sustained through finding application in wider contexts?

Following artist reflections, the conversation will be opened to the audience.
About the Speakers
Silvia Carderelli-Gronau
Silvia is a dance artist, film-maker, and dance movement therapist. Her work focuses on relational practices and developing skills to enhance group activities. She is interested in somatic dance practices, group improvisation, embodiment, and the dialogue between camera and performer. Her practice looks at moving and creating as a group, exploring boundaries, identity, and group identity. She pursues a dialogue between a ‘pure’ physical experience and experiences enhanced by technologies.
Interloops: Reframing Collaboration
Caraboo Projects are really excited to invite you to ‘Interloops’. The series attends to what are often cast as obstacles in the relationships between collaborators, asking how they may actually be sources of creativity. Inspired by the innovative co-creative practices that have emerged in the last 18 months, these interactive workshops invite you to reframe the ethics, politics, and aesthetics of collaboration with the critical perspectives of artists. If you collaborate in any industry, we welcome you to bring along your experiences to this potlatch of reflections.

Interloops has been produced by Harshadha Balasubramanian and Caraboo Projects

This programme of events has been generously supported by Arts Council England
This talk will take place on Zoom, using video & audio, and you can participate during the Q and A session after the talk (either by voice or text chat). There will also be a BSL interpreter on this workshop.
The workshops will be recorded and available to view via our website following the event.