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Disruption Direction

Five artists rede­fine ceram­ic art through a year of exper­i­men­ta­tion, invit­ing you to reflect on the essence of fleet­ing moments.

This exhibition presents works by five ceramic artists, generated as a product of a year of monthly peer critique sessions. The sessions have prompted the artists to engage in playful experimentation, allowing the materials and mediums to communicate and guide their creative process. They embrace improvisation and freedom, challenging established hierarchies and systems in their artistic practice and society. Their works invite reflection and contemplation, encouraging viewers to slow down, observe intricate details, and develop a deeper awareness of their surroundings. Through their non-traditional approaches, these artists find new directions for self-expression and capture the essence of fleeting moments or environments.

Guy Marshall Brown // Chloe Monks // Steven Sales // Alice Shields // Jessica Thorn
X IMG 2273