Dianne Kaufman solo exhibition

Dianne Kaufman: Headstrong

Andel­li Art are thrilled to present an extra­or­di­nary exhi­bi­tion of care­ful­ly select­ed work by Dianne Kaufman

26/03/22 – 09/04/22
Opening Times
Sun–Mon, Closed
Tue–Sat, 10:00 – 17:00
Her paintings, exploring portraiture, confound expectation and challenge definition. There are heads without faces, characterised by heavy impasto, where features shift and vanish under surfaces encrusted with sinewy networks – like reefs of exotic coral or the exposed lobes of the brain.

Dianne Kaufman believes in paint. What it can do physically – ghostly washed across or liberally impasted, and what it can mean – pushing us beyond the physical into metaphysics and metaphor.

The energy of her confident, thickly layered brush strokes, draws the gaze into an intricately manipulated world where paint streams meander like tributaries of veins and capillaries. These paintings do not merely depict flesh but substitutes for it to give the viewer a visceral experience which is tactile and thought-provoking in equal measure. If these are portraits, then they are skewed ones; portraits of no-one, and at the same time, being of no defined person they capture the essence of every person – of what, rather than who, we are.

Dianne Kaufman’s paintings transcends conventional portraiture to touch the fundamental condition of being human. Powerful and full of the fascination of process, they have a vigour that can be disquieting. She produces portraits that get under the skin. These may not be paintings about beauty, but they are beautiful paintings all the same.
Dianne Kaufman solo exhibition
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