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a one day work­shop for design­ers, mak­ers and cre­atives improv­ing your social media and web presence

Having a professional online website is absolutely essential if you want to get regular sales and to present yourself and your work in the best possible way. But, is your website, branding and photography as good as it could be?
Is your website easy to navigate and do you make it super easy to buy from you?

Do you drive regularly traffic to your website or Etsy shop with writing great product descriptions (with key words), and do you use beautiful and timely emails to stay in touch with your potential clients?

What about social media or when you do events?

A lack of practical business and marketing knowledge, strategic experience and decision making, and confidence are the three biggest challenges designers, makers and creatives face when they are starting and growing their business. Fortunately, The Design Trust is here to help.