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Daniel Turner - Impressions From The Great Indoors

Open­ing Pre­view 6 – 9pm Thurs­day 17th November

17/11/22 – 03/12/22
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Sun–Tue, Closed
Wed–Sat, 11:00 – 18:00
"​I like the notion that all painters essentially operate under the same conditions; there’s a universality at work within the confines of the studio. Once one realises painters paint the way they do because they can’t do it any other way, having spent years working towards such realisation, then Painting and the trappings of The Painter become interesting subjects in their own right. The studio becomes a clubhouse for one, a quasi-religious space, the painter an explorer and the painting a ship of sorts, journeying, collecting a painter's interactions with the surface. Studies of vistas, foliage, clouds, the paintings of long dead greats are removed to the studio, unfolded and mediated, manipulated, played out and travelled along. Ultimately all that’s left are snapshots; mementos of an ultimately forgotten journey, impressions from the great indoors".

Daniel Turner. November 2022
Impressions www hz3